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Ulithorne 'Chi" Shiraz Grenache 2015, McLaren Vale, SA


Looks like: Deep, deep, deep purple, you can't see through this baby. 

Smells like: Decant this wine to open it up. The grenache always delivers beautiful raspberry aromas that lift the shiraz. There is a whack of oak on the wine. Give it plenty of air and this will deliver delicious aromas. 

Tastes like: This is a classic Australian red. You know what you are in for...a mouth full of flavour. This is a teeth stainer and lovely with it. 

Match with: Beef, char-grill steak.  

Serious AWBS notes if you need them: CHI –  Life force, balance. This wine is made by award winning winemaker Rose Kentish. Rose has since sold the winery. Grenache is often blended with shiraz, add mouvedre and could have a GSM. McLaren Vale is really making its mark for beautiful grenache.