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Triennes Rosé 2017 750ml, Provence, France

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Looks like: This wine definitely has that pale orange tinge that denotes dryness. This is your classic Provencal rosé. 

Smells like: There is plenty of stone fruit, especially peaches on the nose. Yum. Don't drink this wine too cold as you will loose a lot of the aroma and you don't want to do that. 

Tastes like: Wonderful, this is always one of our best sellers. This wine has a lovely dry texture, there are flavours of berries and cherries, however, this wine is full of minerality and will make your mouth water. 

Match with: A warm day, sitting outside with a plate of prosciutto. This is not your rosé with no flavour, think thinly sliced salami. This wine has pedigree, read on..... 

Serious AWBS notes if you need them: The makers of this wine have serious pedigrees with one of them also owning Chateau Dujac. This is seriously a great wine and is in the our top picks.