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The Australian Wine Experience - 28th October 2017 Sydney CBD - 5pm - 7pm

$198.00 $169.00

Our most popular experience! Eight premium regional Australian wines matched with four delicious artisan cheeses. This experience is a cross between a wine and cheese course and a dinner party, it is fun, social and educational along the way.

We promise no boring wine lectures. Our 2 hour experience is very interactive and provides you with easy to use wine information. How it is made, cork Vs screw cap, rosé, wine trends and most important of all food and wine matching. If you really want to know how to improve the wine you buy and match it to the beautiful meals you cook, this is for you.  Because wine education is really about helping you buy better, drink better and have better dinner parties.

If you want to take your wine and food matching to the next level, book now.

1 seat - $99

2 seats - $169

4 seats - $299

12 seats - $849 - Private Table