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George DeBeouf Chiroubles 2016, Beaujolais, France

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Looks like: Just like a deeper darker pinot noir.

Smells like: Just like a deeper darker pinot noir. Black plums, black cherries and a lovely freshness. Wonderful aromas. 

Tastes like: Just like a deeper darker pinot noir!!! Lovely medium bodied wine, such an easy drink. Loads of berry fruit, deep characters with a lovely soft acidic finish. 

Match with: Pink lamb, proscuitto, this is a great lunchtime red. A red that will not knock your head off. 

Serious AWBS notes if you need them: Made from 100% Gamay grape variety this wine shows that Beaujolais can be a serious wine. Beaujolais has acquired a bad name because for Beaujolais Nouveau, which is a very young cheap wine. This wine is like a darker version of a Pinot Noir. It has wonderful aromas of dark fruit characters; it is light in the mouth. However, it leaves a lovely persistent fruit character followed by acidity.