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Chaffey Bros Battle for the Barrosa LA CONQUISTA! 2016, Barossa Valley, SA

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Looks like: This wine has a stand out hard to miss label. The wine itself is the same. Deep, deep dark purply red in colour. 

Smells like: This wine would really open up with decanting, give it plenty of air. 

Tastes like: This is an Aussie version of a Spanish style wine. It is big, bold and smooth. Open it up with decanting and you will be exposed to Tempranillo (66%), Grenache (30%), Graciano (4%)

Match with: Red meat, tapas, meat lovers pizza. 

Serious AWBS notes if you need them: What a wonderful story. It turns out that the Barossa Valley came about due to a misspelling. The Battle of Barrosa happened in Spain in 1811. Captain Light fought in that battle and then became Surveyor General of South Australia. When he decided to name a region Barrosa Valley the clerk spelt it wrong.......Barrosa became Barossa.