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Caswell Hughes Shiraz 2016, Langhorne Creek, South Australia

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Looks like: A beautiful label, a wine that looks beautiful on the table and tastes even better than it looks. In the glass this wine is a deep, brick red colour. 

Smells like: Just a touch of oak in this wine that sits behind lovely dark shiraz. A small splash of grenache has really helped to lift the aromatics. Oak, plums, raspberries and pinch of spice jump out of the glass. 

Tastes like: A classic Langhorne Creek wine, medium bodied not to heavy. This wine is fresh and a great quaffer. One of our best sellers. 

Match with: Pizza, sausages, chops. 

Serious AWBS notes if you need them: The label is a painting by Sarah Caswell, who is an award winning painter (and personal friend of AWBS). Langhorne Creek is famous for a dusty character in the wine. This stands out in the wine.