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The Wine Dinner.

“More business decisions occur over lunch and dinner than at any other time”

- Prof. Peter Drucker, Writer and Management Consultant

We work at the very top level of town and can provide everything from Grange dinners right through to European dinners and dinners with a twist. How about an event where all the wines are sparkling? Yes we have done a number of those and the result is the hosts and the guests talk about them for years; they are memorable. Or how about iconic European or Australia Vs. Europe?

We have a number of private restaurant rooms we can use to control the environment or we can come to your boardroom. We work with your chef or catering team to match wine and food, whether it be Australian or European.

What do we excel in? Wine knowledge, providing a fun easy to swallow education and equally important, we know why we are in the room. We leave plenty of space for conversation and have a host of blue chip clients around Australia because of that. 

We have worked our way across Australia from Sydney to Freemantle and from Rockhampton to Hobart.

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