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Client entertaining / team building / staff events

What do you want to achieve? A closer relationship with your staff or clients?

Read on we can help. 

We understand why we are in the room.

We are there to provide added value, to create a topic of conversation and not waffle on about boring wine stuff; we can, we have the knowledge.  So if difficult questions arise, we can deal with it.  However, our job is to 

  • Attract people to your event - "Join us for a fun, social, educational evening of Italian wines." is far more enticing than "Join us for drinks and canapes." We all know how hard it is to get people to events nowhere days.
  • Provide short fun educational presentations that provide useful information, not boring rambling wine talk.
  • Leave plenty of space for chat. We read the room and know when to talk and when not to. 
  • Structure the event to retain the guests and have them leaving with a head full of useful wine and food matching facts.
  • We follow up the event with soft copy tasting notes to the host, these can be sent on as another touch point to the guests. 

We run networking events, dinners, conference break outs, and just fun thank you events. 

Have a look at our 139 testimonials, our customers will tell you what we do.