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AWBS events are always fun, social and educational and a great way to engage your fundraising attendees  whilst they have fun, have a social night out and walk away with a better understanding of wine or beer. 

Most of our events or experiences are available to help you raise money. We discount our prices to make sure that your potential attendees can afford to attend the event and that you raise a good amount of money during the event.

We suggest you sell the tickets at our prices, the discount we give you is the money you make.

We can also help you with other fun wine and beer ways of raising money on the night. How about -

  • Food and Wine trivia – a great way to create some competitiveness and bonding in the group.  We charge a small entrance fee and make sure you raise more money, the winning team comes away with beautiful wine prizes.
  • Wine options game – a great way to get the crowd involved. We charge a small fee and make sure you raise more money. Through a number of  fun interactive questions we find out who is the real wine champion in the room.
  • Gold coin toss – another way to make sure the room is lively and interactive. We provide a great bottle of wine or a magnum and who ever gets the gold coin closest wines the bottle of wine. We charge a small fee and make sure you raise more money.


It does not end there!

If somebody who attends the event, books their own event with six months we will donate 10% to your cause. This covers all events including corporate events; this is where our events keep giving.

What are you waiting for? Raise money today with one of our fun, social, educational events.

Email Ben Hughes – Head of Liquids to find out more or call 1300 550 245.

* All Charities must be registered.