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Wine networking experiences

Engaging your clients in more than business talk, is crucial when trying to build a relationship. Yet, a cocktail party/drinks event is often not enough to get the client the engaged. This is where The Wine Mixer comes in. We understand all corporate events need an ROI and that the event is not all about wine. It is about helping build relationships, providing a topic of conversation and ensuring everybody walks away with a feel good factor.

We provide five premium regional Australian wines matched with four artisan Australian cheeses. We perfectly match soft and hard cheeses to a selection of premium wines. We talk about the five wines during five separate breaks in the networking. We provide information in a fun, informative way and make sure we get the crowd talking about wine and cheese. There is plenty of time for the guests to talk and mingle around the room. We can play some wine and cheese trivia, which is a perfect way to get people together.

We provide tasting notes on all the wines and cheeses. These are sent out to the host after the event and can be used as another touch point to the client.

We have worked our way across Australia from Sydney to Freemantle and from Rockhampton to Hobart.

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