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Big RED - 15th Sept. 2018

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There was movement at the wine bar, for the word had passed around That Big RED from AWBS was on it’s way…


Sitting in me favourite wine bar one cold and stormy night, I was entertaining an exotic little Italian, she had a sparklin’ repartee and her name was Prosecco and she hailed from Veneto, but that’s a story for another time.  I was eating something called Osso Bucco, I thought the barmaid said Aussie Bucko so I ordered it, but it turns out to be pretty good Italian grub. 


Suddenly the front door of the bar flung open and the old coot staggered in, straightened up and announced

‘Big RED is comin’!’ This set off an excited murmur through the room like a flash fire.  I leant over to the table next to me, a couple of blokes arguing whether non-alcoholic wine existed or not, and I asked them ‘Who’s this Big RED?’

‘Not, who,’ one answered ‘But, what’ and left it at that as they went back to their argument.  So, driven by an insoluble desire to know, I went in search of answers. 


I found O’Farrel sitting in the corner, so I approached him and asked the man who would know, who or what is ‘Big RED?

He gestured for me to take a seat, but I said that I already had one and sat down instead.

O’Farrel leaned back and took a deep swig of his wine.  ‘Big RED’ he said ‘Has been talked about for some time, always in whispers and rumours of a wine show featuring 60 full bodied red wines from around the world all in one tasting.’

‘Sixty?’ I expressed in awe, ‘surely such a number would be impossible’

‘It is impressive, and I know it sounds incredible, but I actually believe it’s not only possible, but exists, Big RED is coming’

My mind reeled with the enormity of the notion of a room full of 60 wines for me to selectively pick through and taste, to experience wines from foreign and exotic lands. ‘What do you know about it?’


‘Glad you asked’ he said leaning back, ready to begin the lesson.

‘They say it’ll be like a beacon of light on a cold, dark winters day, like the warmth of woollen gloves.  There will be rare and hard to find wines to taste, wines that will have been aged in oak for years and I’ve even heard there will be…’he looked over his shoulder secretively and back to me ‘an Anti-pasto’ I blinked at him. ‘Do we not like pasto?’ was my timid response.  He sighed ‘Artfully place cold cuts of meat and marinated vegetables on a beautiful platter, Antipasto!’ he informed me with slight tone I couldn’t quite place; but reminded me of my mother. He continued ‘Wines from France, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, Argentina, America and of course, Australia, then when you’ve tried all the wines you want, there’s a nice big steak to be had at the end of it all’

I was exited ‘Where on Earth do you have a choice of 60 nice big reds to taste and a steak as well;

15th OF SEPT. 2018. SESSION 1, 1pm - 3pm. SESSION 2. 4pm - 6pm

The Tattersall’s Club 181 Elizabeth Street, Sydney

For Bookings and Enquiries               Ph; 1300 550 245                    email;

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